Engage in holistic movements assisted by innovative equipment designed to liberate your body. Pulley weights support fluid motion enhancing agility, circulation, and vitality.
Pain evaporates as restirctions melt with luscious exercises restoring full capacity to each joint, muscle and sinew. Enhance any activity
- sports, dance, life -
with increased power and resilience.
Endless possibilities to endlessly empower. 

Realign. Rebuild. Recharge
Lengthen and strengthen your whole body,
infusing grace, confidence and awareness. 
Gyrokinesis sequences restore freedom starting with the natural spinal motions,
expanding throughout the entire body.
Movements pair with rhythmic breathing to synchronize power, and coordination. 
Like an internal massage, the progressions release tension and discomfort, realigning your body.  Gyrokinesis can be done seated, standing or on the floor and requires no equipment.

Adaptable for all ages and stages!
Open Heart - Full Body