Pre-Training  Courses​​​​

Holle Knowles offers pre-training courses in both the Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis methods.  She became a Gyrokinesis Pre-Trainer under creator Juliu Horvath in 2009, and a Gyrotonic Pre-Trainer with Master Trainer Miriam Barbosa earlier that year.  She believes that pre-training should be an in-depth experience helping people  discover greater individual clarity and freedom within the movement disciplines.  With this focus, she offers private pre-training courses as well as leading groups.  She is available to travel to your location, or host in her home studio at Elevate.  Please   contact us    to inquire about scheduling.

Pre-training courses are ideal for those wanting concentrated personal growth and those wanting to become a Gyrotonic and/or Gyrokinesis instructor.  

The pre-training course is the pre-requisite for taking a Gyrotonic or Gyrokinesis Foundation towards certification to teach.

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